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Unsafe Drinking Water

Drinking water is a necessity for human survival, but is also prone to collecting contaminants that can lead to poor health. Depending on where you live, your drinking water may contain many chemicals or bacteria that you do not even know about. Water contamination can cause many kinds of illnesses, from minor sicknesses to severe physical and mental disabilities. While it may not be possible to find drinking water that is entirely free of contaminants, there are steps that families can take to protect themselves from unsafe chemicals in the water.

The first step toward ensuring a safe water supply is to look up an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) report of drinking water for your area. The EPA conducts studies of water from all over the country to check that the water meets regulatory safety standards. Each area’s water supply is different. Some areas have high concentrations of sulfur or metals, while others may have a higher trace amount of chemicals from fertilizers or pollution that can make the local population sick. If there isn’t an EPA report for your specific area, consider having a water quality specialist test your home drinking water for common contaminants.

Water Filters and Purification Systems

Once you know what is in your water, you can take steps to protect against it. Many different water filters are available on the market that will remove metals and other chemicals from your water. Other water purification systems focus on eliminating bacterial contamination. While many water purification systems can be expensive, it is likely to be much less than the personal and monetary cost of a severe infection or poisoning. Investing in an effective purifier that filters out known contaminants in your area is one of the best investments you can make for your family’s health.

Water contamination problems are often not detectable by sight, taste, or smell. Instead, a water supply problem may be suspected if a large portion of the local population suffers a chronic illness, or if unusual diseases or ailments seem to be occurring in high frequency in one area. If you suspect that your family or community is suffering from water contamination, consider contacting a personal injury lawyer immediately. Your city or a local industry may be responsible for the contaminated water and you may be entitled to compensation for your illness.

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