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Winter Weather Collisions

As one of the northern states, Wisconsin sees its share of inclement winter weather. These conditions, which can make roads dangerously slick, can lead to large numbers of car accidents involving drivers losing control over their vehicles. In addition to this, cold temperatures can lead to engine failures, tire depressurization, and problems with gas tanks. These mechanical malfunctions can prove hazardous in a time when drivers are confronted with constant challenges and the looming threat of black ice. Knowing what problems to expect and what can interfere with driving can better prepare you and your loved ones for the winter.

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Weather Factors in Winter Car Accidents

Weather in the winter can vary in severity depending on how cold or how dry the season is. During the winter, you may expect to notice the following weather developments:

  • Snow, including compacted snow and slush
  • Ice, including black ice
  • Frozen rain
  • Cold temperatures
  • Gusts of wind

While each of these is sufficient to endanger a single car or truck, finding these problems on a busy highway can test a driver’s ability to operate their vehicle safely. As unsafe as it is, it is not uncommon for reckless motorists to drive at their regular speed even with ice and snow on the road. Braking late and tailgating are also very dangerous actions when road conditions are slick.

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