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Murder Victim’s Son Awarded $650,000

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Ohio – In an effort to restore some peace to their children and immediate families, the George family has agreed to pay the son of the slain Jeff Zack $650,000.  The civil suit was brought on after Cynthia George’s conviction for soliciting a third party to murder Zack was overturned.

George had been found guilty of soliciting her current lover John Zaffino to kill her former lover Zack in 2001.  Her sentence was overturned after a 9th circuit appeals court ruled that, although Zaffino was guilty of Zack’s murder, the case lacked sufficient evidence to prove that George solicited him to commit the murder.

Zack’s 19-year-old son is a university student.  He will be awarded $428,000 from the settlement, with the rest going towards attorney’s fees.

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