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WI Family Wins Medical Malpractice Suit

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A decision from a unanimous jury handed down Friday afternoon found in favor of Chad and Amy Jelinek of Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin. In their medical malpractice suit against Gunderson Lutheran Medical Center staff, the Jelineks claimed that negligent treatment caused their son Laine’s brain damage. Laine was delivered in the medical center by midwife Glenda Pinkham and registered nurse Michelle Dwyer in August 2005. According to the suit, Pinkham and Dwyer failed to adequately monitor Laine’s health during the birth, or to call in a doctor when the birth became difficult. As a result Laine developed cerebral palsy and now requires constant care.

The Jelineks will now be compensated for medical expenses, Laine’s reduced earning potential and suffering, and Amy and Chad’s loss of companionship. The total amount of their award amounts to $11.4 million.

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