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Tough Driving Conditions in Racine County

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Sheriff Deputy Kevin Kazmierski, of Racine County, WI, has been responsible for keeping up with the vehicular accidents seen during the past few days.  The days can best be summarized with two words: spin outs and accidents.  The deputies in Racine County have been dealing with them all day.

For Kazmierski, keeping up with the numerous spin outs was challenging enough, let along attempting to pull them out of the ditches where they ended up. 

“They just don’t slow down,” Kazmierski said.  He claims he and the other deputies weren’t even able to make it on to the interstate without seeing an SUV stuck along the on-ramp to I-94 in Sturtevant. 

“Lots of cars are in the ditch.  Changing lanes is a big problem,” explains Cory Diltz, another deputy.  Another culprit is the thick ice blankets of snow.  Drivers claim the snow is their main problem.  Kazmierski holds that drivers are going too fast in the snow.  Therefore, the culprit for the vehicular accidents depends on who you ask.

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