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Woman Looses Teeth from Dental Malpractice

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Last week, a woman went in for a routine dental appointment.  In this particular scenario, the woman was seeing the dentist to replace a missing tooth in the front of her mouth. 

The local, Stamford dentist decided to put the woman under anesthesia without her consent.  During that time, he pulled 3 upper teeth instead of the 1.  When she awoke, he had placed a temporary bridge in her mouth to fill the gap.

When her new teeth arrived, he refused to cement them in, saying that complex and expensive dental reconstructive surgery was needed.

The dentist made a profit by performing unnecessary dental procedures on the woman.

This is a very serious case, as the woman lost money and a great deal of self-confidence while enduring this happening.  If you or someone you know has undergone a similar situation, it is important to contact your Racine dental malpractice lawyer at 800-242-2874 to discuss compensation for your suffering.