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Motorcycle Crash Victim Determined to Help Motorists Drive Carefully

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The Northwestern reports that 42-year-old Scott Perzentka from Oshkosh, "was riding his motorcycle home from work on July 3, 2003, along the frontage road near Planeview Travel Plaza when a semitrailer turned in front of him." The crash left Perzentka in a coma for two months. He suffered, "severe injuries, including a head injury, broken jaw, teeth ribs and pelvis, a shattered left hip and two hernias," according to The Northwestern.

After coming out of his coma, Perzentka was determined to make sure others paid more attention on the road.

"'It was as simple as someone not paying attention," Perzentka said. "'I almost died and now I'm going to spend the rest of my life trying to help,'" Perzentka emphasized to The Northwestern.

His non-profit Bikers Down is in the beginning stages, but he wants to prevent crashes like his in the first place. The Northwestern reports that so far this year 256 people have died on the road in the state of Wisconsin. Of those, 43 were motorcycle drivers and three were motorcycle passengers.

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