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Teen Crashes Van into Bleachers at Racine Softball Game, 2 Injured

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At least two people are in the hospital after a minivan drove into bleachers at a softball game in Racine Monday.

According to officials with the Racine County Sheriff's Department, a 16 year-old boy accelerated from a parking spot behind home plate, running over a concrete parking block, down a hill, and into a set of bleachers where six people were sitting. The drive told authorities he was trying to back up from his parking spot but went the wrong way, according to Philip Frost, a traffic investigator for the Racine Police Department.

Marshlli Hamilton was playing in the softball game when she saw the van heading for the bleachers. "We dropped our gloves and ran off the field because all our kids were on that bench," said Hamilton. "We've never in our life been as frightened as we were today."

The crash is under investigation to determine whether the vehicle malfunctioned or if criminal charges are warranted.

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