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Roundabouts make roads safer

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Racine County police believe that the inclusion of roundabouts in three key major intersections in the county has made roads safer and reduced the severity of injuries and amount of property damage when car accidents do occur.

Racine County’s major roundabouts were put at highways 20 and 45 in Yorkville, highways 38 and K in Caledonia, and Washington Avenue and Sixth Street in Racine.

Caledonia Police Department’s Lieutenant Gary Larsen said motor vehicle accidents are less frequent and major ever since the roundabout was put in place in 38 and K in 2007.

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation stated that roundabouts are supposed to ease the effects of car accidents because they require vehicles to go through intersections at a more careful pace than they usually do on rural roads. Roundabouts also supposedly prevent instances of high-speed, head-on collisions and T-bone crashes.

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