Airbag Defects

Given the congestion of our roadways and the high occurrence of automobile collisions, airbags have saved many lives of the years. Created to protect a person from colliding into the steering wheel or other parts of the car during an accident, airbags are one of the most useful safety features included in modern automobiles. Although airbag technology has had advancements over the past decade, defective airbags still make it into hundreds of cars each year. Vehicles that are manufactured and sold with defective airbags have caused serious injuries due to unnecessary or late deployment of airbags. Often ejected with a great deal of force, defective airbags may cause broken bones, tooth loss, whiplash, and neck injuries.

Reasons that airbag injuries may occur:

  • Late deployment
  • Unnecessary deployment
  • Failure to deploy
  • Oversized airbags
  • Lack of side airbags
  • Inadequate consumer warnings

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