Automobile Structural Defects

The quality of the structural design of your vehicle may mean the difference between walking away from a collision with minor injuries and being carried away from the collision with severe injuries. A strong structural design has the ability to withstand most violent impacts, such impacts caused by an automobile collision. The cage structure, as well as the front and rear ends of the vehicle are vital to your safety as an occupant of the car. If the vehicle is manufactured with defects, these structures are prone to collapsing, resulting in the serious injury of anyone inside of the vehicle. Injuries caused by structural defects include broken bones, brain damage, spinal damage, and even death. In many cases, these defects are not discovered until it is too late. If you or a loved one has been injured by the defective structural design of your automobile, contact an attorney immediately after seeking medical attention. A lawyer will be able to explain your legal options and provide you guidance as you take legal action against those who have caused you harm.

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