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Regardless of their year, make, or model, all motor vehicles have certain “blind spots”, or, locations where the driver is unable to see, even with the use of mirrors. Due to the inherent structural considerations of commercial trucks, these spaces tend to be much larger for those vehicles, creating a potentially dangerous circumstance for any motorist who should happen to drive into a truck’s blind spot. These are referred to as “no zones”, and should be avoided whenever possible. However, a truck driver has a responsibility to monitor his or her no zones so as to remain aware of the entry or exit of other automobiles from these unseen positions.

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Truck No Zone Accidents

Many truck accidents occur as a result of the truck driver being unable to see some of the areas around them. Regular cars have a great degree of vision that their drivers often take for granted. They assume trucks share the wide field of vision that they do, when commercial trucks actually have very large areas with little to no visibility. These no zones are located:

  • Directly behind the truck
  • Directly in front of the truck
  • On either side of the truck, behind the seat

As the driver of a passenger car, it is in your best interest to remain cautious when near large commercial trucks, but truckers are trained to safely manage their no zones, and when they neglect to do so, legal action may be advisable.

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