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After hiring a truck driver, trucking companies are responsible for training that driver on how to operate their vehicle in accordance with road safety standards. Truckers who are not proficient in the skills necessary to drive a truck are at greater risk of causing an otherwise avoidable accident than those who have been trained. When trucking companies allow such unskilled truck drivers on the road, they could be liable for the resulting injuries and ensuing costs of a subsequent accident.

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Dangers of Training Negligence

Trucks can be very difficult to operate due to their size and weight. They brake slowly, make wide turns, and have several blind spots. When companies do not train the truck drivers they employ to account for difficulties such as these, a few of the following accidents could occur:

  • Driver fails to secure their trailer hitch, causing it to release
  • Driver is unaware of a driver in his or her blind spot
  • Driver does not brake in time prevent a collision

Whenever inadequate training contributes to a trucking accident, the associated company may be liable for the physical, emotional, and financial costs of the injured party.

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